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Die Cut Handle Bag

Soft Loop handle bag

Wave top handle bag

T - Shirt Handle Bag


Courier Bags with Air Way Bill Pouch
Choose the handle type or model of the plastic bags you require. Hover for more images

T - Shirt handle bags used as Take away bags

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Bio Degradable HDPE T- Shirt handle Shopping bags.


HDPE Shopping Bags are commonly used in Supermarkets, bookshops, groceries and hardware shops. HDPE bags range in microns from 25 Microns to 70 Microns. They can be used to make pharmacy bags, vegetable roll bags etc. Common sizes are 40cm x 40cm, 48cmx50cm and 50cmx60 cm. check the figure to know common HDPE shapes.

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Zipper Bag / Ziplock bag.

​​Clear LDPE zipper bag (100 Microns) commonly known as zip lock bag or pouch. Zipper bags are LDPE pouches with a press type lock mechanism which can be opened and reclosed several time. Zipper bags are available in 100 pcs per packet and 10 packet per carton/Box (1000 pcs).




Zipper bags or Ziplock bags in Dubai - UAE.


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BOPP Laminated Pouches / Sheet rolls


BOPP food storage pouches and bags suitable for packing meat, wet grinder mixture, spices, powders, frozen products (fish, Chicken, meat, Burgers etc.)

Other application includes packaging for coffee powder packing, Tea Dust and similar items. 

Metalized pouches for chips and ketchup also available. Vacuum bags for frozen food products and dried fruit and nuts also available.

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Bio Degradable LDPE. Die cut handle / banana handle / Loop handle Bags.

LDPE Bags are commonly used in Textile shops, Hypermarkets, Mobile /Computer shops, electronics shops etc. LDPE bags range in microns from 30 Microns to 150 Microns. LDPE is available in the form of plastic sheets, tube, and rolls apart from the bags. Soft loop handle bags and dutyfree bags also available with roto gravure print.

Printed Plastic bags with loop handle or Die Cut handle bags.

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